The North Forty Story

The North Forty Story


Over the past 15 years, North Forty Development and a group of companies, have expanded from Dallas to Oklahoma City, Houston and San Antonio. Operating in multiple markets and in foreclosures, new construction, single-family, multi-family and commercial asset classes, allows our companies to mitigate risk and protect our investors from market changes.

North Forty has built a long standing relationship with banks and brokers which allows our companies the opportunity to purchase assets at drastically reduced pricing. This allows the company to earn higher margins, provide better product at lower pricing, and purchase without competing with the general public.

The home buyer is afforded more options at lower prices and higher quality in a turn-key. This allows North Forty to pre-sale most of the inventory thus decreasing cost and increasing inventory volume.

Hottest Real Estate Opportunity in the Country

"Because North Forty Development is the land developer, the contractor and the marketer of its properties, they are able to keep costs low and profit margins high. This is the secret to their success and yours."

The diversified real estate company of North Forty Development and the current Texas boom makes this the perfect time to invest. The market has begun the up-turn and the exponential growth potential is far beyond anything we have seen. Demand is at an all-time high and projections indicate it will increase for years to come.

North Forty Development currently has $200 million worth of development in process, and has the team, process and capabilities to run over $500 million annually. Savvy investors are joining the North Forty team during this explosive opportunity.

Some of the Key Factors in the Dynamic Growth of North Forty Development

  • Eliminate the middle man
  • Decrease expenses
  • Increase ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Offer a variety of product types
  • Flexibility to move with the market

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